Old Planters

About Us

Old Planters Brewing Co. was built on the foundation of friendship, hometown roots, and a love for creating hop forward ales. In 2014, two long time friends (Matt Sullivan and Ben Garry), took their obsession for home brewing to the next level and created a licensed brewery in the cellar of their home. With a shared desire to put their spin on brewing craft ales and connecting with their local community, Old Planters Brewing Company was born.

Naming the brewery after the Old Planters (the founding fathers of Beverly, MA) was a way to pay homage to the city where the two friends grew up and to poke fun at their lifelong residency as “townies”. However, It was also created as a reminder to remain true to a vision and always be open to exploring uncharted territories. A reminder to stay rooted in classic brewing technique, but to also be open to innovation and experimentation as well.